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About us

In short, we are travelers based in Italy and run a Travel Blog, providing information about tourism industry, world top vacation spots, holiday deals, undiscovered gems in Italy and abroad. Presently, we're reviewing Italian top locations, and we plan to get started with Europe top destinations soon. Besides suggesting best itineraries, attractions and places to visit, we're willing to highlight travel deals and publish valuable travel tips. In case you are in the Travel Industry and are willing to have your Travel Guest Post published on our Blog, contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!



Again, we aim to provide international travelers with quality information and trip advise:

  • guided tours and itineraries
  • accomodations & restaurants
  • travel tips
  • ideas for next trip
  • not too touristy destinations
  • amazing places to see
  • reviews about hotels, B&B, resorts, etc.

Furthermore, we're committed to gather and publish GREAT DEALS for our readers.


All in all, we offer you 2 options, so you can choose the one which best fits your needs:

  1. "Travel Guest Post writing"
  2. "Travel Guest Post publishing".

In short, we can host your posts, or write for you.

About Guest Posts, be aware that:

  • articles must be unique, informative, engaging
  • we reserve the right to modify the content
  • we reserve the right to review the text and optimize it according to our SEO guidelines.


Guidelines & Contact

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Licence to adapt and publish

Please note that:

  • by sending us a Guest Post, you agree to its publishing on our website
  • we are free to modify / adapt the content
  • we are free to choose if to publish your Guest Post or not.

Guidelines to follow

  1. As a matter of fact, we're committed to select and provide Top Quality Travel Information ONLY, safeguarding our readers.
  2. Additionally, we're committed to fully comply with Google Quality Content Guidelines
  3. Last but not least, it's our policy to publish only SEO optimized content.

In short

We will NOT publish any Guest Posts in case of:

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