Visit Verona Italy

visit Verona Italy

5 good reasons to Visit Verona Italy

Visit Verona: the settings for Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare’s masterpiece. The city is a medieval gem, full of genuine antiques, superb palaces, castles, towers churches and squares. The ancient Arena, built by Romans for gladiators bouts, now hosts the Opera Festival during the summer.

Why to choose Verona for your next Italian break? Here are 5 reasons to visit Verona:

  1. romantic atmosphere (ideal fo Valentine’s day)
  2. beautiful architecture (you can get an overview from the top of Torre dei Lamberti)
  3. cultural hotspot (performing arts in the Arena di Verona, Filarmonic Theatre, Roman Theatre…)
  4. great shopping walk in the pedestrian area (Mazzini street)
  5. delicious food.

Striving for romance, art and history? Verona is waiting for you

visit VeronaThinking of Verona means thinking of love!

Juliet’s house

The city, in fact, has become famous throughout the world as the place of Shakespeare’s tragedy Romeo and Juliet, and it’s surrounded by a romantic atmosphere that few other places can match.

Visiting places like the Casa di Giulietta and the famous Arena – the second most famous Roman amphitheatre after the Colosseum in Rome – would already be a good reason to spend time in Verona, but there are many others!

Verona: declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO

The city is indeed rich in artworks, so that it has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO because of its urban structure and architecture, descending from two millennia of history that have layered progressively and continuously.

It will not be difficult to notice all this richness by visiting the most charming places of the city.

Verona ArenaCity Tour

You could start from Piazza Brà (among the most famous in Italy) which is home to the Arena, the Palazzo della Gran Guardia, the City Hall and the Museo Lapidario Maffeiano, then continue to Piazza delle Erbe where stands, along with other suggestive palaces, the Torre dei Lamberti, which you can climb to admire breathtaking views.

An essential visit to the Casa di Giulietta – never forget to leave her, in the specific walls, your letter and to take a photo next to the statue located in the courtyard! – should be followed by a passage under the Casa di Romeo, her beloved, which is right next to the Arche Scaligere (fascinating sepulchral works).

The house has an original battlements and windows that will strike your attention, since they are made in different styles: Romanesque, Gothic and Renaissance. A unique combination that does not clash at all!

Verona also boasts the presence of religious buildings of great value, such as the Duomo (in Romanesque style), the Chiesa di Santa Anastasia and the Chiesa di San Zeno, which is facing a large square.

Moreover, the cultural institutions of the city are countless: from the Biblioteca Civica to the Capitolare, without forgetting its Accademia Filarmonica, the oldest in the world.

To see an example of military engineering from the 14th century with your own eyes, you will have to reach the imposing Ponte Scaligero, that emerges on the Adige River from the Torre del Mastio and features arcades, fortifications and elegant battlements.

How many secrets and stories are hidden in each and every corner of Verona!

visit Verona Italy guideLocal Private Guide

A local guide could tell them to you, and accompany you with enthusiasm and expertise to discover his city, introducing you to both the most famous and lesser known (and, because of this, arguably most precious) places.

For example, outside of the traditional paths you will be fascinated by the antiche mura of Verona, some parts of which are still preserved in excellent condition and will allow you to mentally rebuild, with an unexpected clarity, the history of Verona.

You will also be able to fantasize about the rich life of the city during different eras, while you rest and take refreshment in a delicious little restaurant suggested by your guide, perhaps near the Chiesa di San Zeno! Enjoy a good Valpolicella wine and, in front of a plate of tortellini di Valeggio, you may even feel a bit veronese too.

You can choose who to resemble: great architect Vitruvius or popular writer Emilio Salgari? Both were born right in Verona.

Whoever you are, your Verona tour will be unforgettable!

Book now your own personal tour of Verona with a Private Local Guide!

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