Visit Turin Italy

visit Turin Italy

5 good reasons to Visit Turin Italy

Turin is more than worth a visit, with its castles, palaces, museums and breathtaking views. It’s a northern Italian city located near to the Alps. You can admire the landscape by taking the panoramic lift to the top of the the Mole Antonelliana, symbol of the city. Turin is full of attractions: Royal Palace, Egyptian Museum and even more. From mid November to mid January, you can enjoy a free outdoor contemporary art exhibit: Luci d’Artista. Kilometers of arcades make it possible to take a nice walk even in rainy days. The area is known for its delicious chocolate Gianduia.

Here are some good reasons to visit Turin Italy:

  1. history, castles, palaces and museums
  2. scenic viewpoints
  3. proximity to the Alps
  4. accomodation
  5. historical cafes and culinary traditions.

Visit Turin and discover its charm

Turin is a city in constant activity, to be admired from every point of view!

The capital of Piedmont is, indeed, a top-tier economic and productive location, an important cultural, artistic and touristic center, a renowned University and science focal point and, at the same time, a fascinating magical place.

Turin view Mole AntonellianaMole Antonelliana: the symbol of the city

It seems that the city is crossed by mysterious energies which flow along the paths marked by its works rich in esoteric symbols. Turin’s symbol, the 19th century Mole Antonelliana which stands in the downtown area, has always been considered the fulcrum of magical energies.

More than 167 meters high, it is characterized by an original shape resembling both a pagoda and a pyramid, and in addition to the mysterious aura it offers a wonderful view of the city. In order to get on top of the Mole there is the need to use its modern, completely transparent, panoramic elevator; in the same occasion we also recommend a visit to the Museo del Cinema (Cinema Museum), housed inside the Mole and one of the most visited Italian museums.

You will immediately understand why: you really feel at ease walking through optical and cinematographic equipments, memorabilia and the evocative productions from sets of famous movies.


Egyptian Museum TurinMuseums

Another unforgettable stop-over, that will fascinate both magic and Egyptology lovers, is the famous Museo Egizio (Egyptian Museum), exceeded only by the Cairo museum in number of antiquities. The papyri, steles, sarcophagi and – above all – mummies are a priceless heritage that strikes every visitor.

Not only ancient artifacts will surprise you: visiting the Museo d’Arte Contemporanea (Museum of Contemporary Art) inside the Castello di Rivoli (Rivoli Castle), you can admire works of the greatest contemporary artists; while in the Museo nazionale dell’automobile di Torino (National Automobile Museum of Turin), today enriched with multimedia and interactive elements, you’ll see a collection of very rare collection of 200 original cars produced in the last two hundred years. You will certainly find some interesting model!


Royal Palace Turin

Duomo and the Holy Shroud

The visit to the Duomo, the only Renaissance church in Turin, will be a thrill since there are artworks hidden in every corner: in a side chapel the Sacra Sindone (Holy Shroud) is preserved, the precious linen sheet where you can see the image of a man regarded by the Christian tradition as Jesus.

Royal Palaces and other attractions

To feel like real torinesi (people from Turin), after visiting churches and museums you could walk in the Piazza Castello – an important center of aristocratic life during the Savoy reign – where you can admire a succession of magnificent buildings: the Palazzo Reale (Royal Palace), the Chiesa di San Lorenzo (Church of San Lorenzo), the Palazzo Madama with its rich baroque façade and the Teatro Regio (Royal Theatre), one of the largest in Italy.

Do not forget to go to Piazza San Carlo, “Turin’s drawing room” full of historic cafes, perfect to taste a delicious chocolate and watch the Cavallo di Bronzo (Bronze Horse), the imposing equestrian statue of Emanuele Filiberto considered a symbol of the city.

In Turin there is so much to see and to do for a tourist!

visit Turin GuideLocal Private Guide

The trick to making the best use of the time available is to visit the city in company of a Local Private Guide that will accompany you to the discovery of Turin in all its glory, leading you with the typical diligence of torinesi, very hard-working people.

Remember to let your guide suggest you the best places to savor the delights of Turin’s rich cuisine, such as agnolotti, tomini al verde, bagna càuda and the inevitable gianduiotti.

You will be willingly succumbing to Turin gastronomic temptations, maybe even telling yourself that the delicious grissini (breadsticks) you have just tasted do not fatten you up too much.

Book your Tour to Turin, Italy with a Private Local Guide!

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