Visit Treviso Italy

visit Treviso Italy

5 good reasons to Visit Treviso Italy

Visit Treviso to enjoy a quiet break in a prosper and not too touristy Italian town!

Circled by a town wall and waterways, Treviso is the ideal place for a relaxing walk, under the arcaded walkways, or looking up to the fragments of painted frescoes that once decorated Treviso’s houses.

5 good reasons to visit Treviso Italy?

  • Art, frescoes, churches, museums
  • the centre of town is great for shopping
  • comfortable accomodation
  • cafes and restaurants
  • good base for exploring the area, including the charming Venice.

Visit Treviso, the lady of Veneto

Treviso, an elegant and refined city in Veneto, is always an unforgettable destination for visitors who are lucky enough to experience its sweet characters, artistic heritage and the beauty of the Sile River.

Described by past poets as “gracious city”, it was chosen in the 18th century by Venice aristocrats as a holiday resort, for its atmosphere of calm and tranquility.

The city has also earned the delicate nickname of “Urbs Picta” because there, in the Middle Ages and Renaissance, it was customary to paint both houses and military buildings.

It will be enchanting to go around Treviso in search of numerous frescoes still preserved nowadays!

Main Square: Piazza dei Signori

Its elegance still emerges decisively: just take a look at the famous Piazza dei Signori, where the Palazzo dei Trecento (Trecento Palace) – born as a room for meetings of the City hall – and the Loggia dei Cavalieri – a Romanesque building with Byzantine influence, painted in two different periods – stand.

The Loggia was originally a meeting place for the aristocrats, who were playing parlor games in it; it’s easy to imagine the scene, just as it’s easy to lose yourself in the atmosphere of the past, while contemplating the themed, mainly chivalric, frescoes.

Major Street: via Calmaggiore

The major street of Treviso, since Roman times, is Via Calmaggiore, which has two main attractions very different from each other: Roman excavations in the first place, and a reconstruction of the Fontana delle Tette (Tits Fountain), a feminine statue from whose breasts water gushes, whereas in the past there was wine (both red and white) flowing that was offered to people after the elections.

It will certainly be the ideal place to take an unusual and fun photo.

Cathedral with “The Annunciation” painting by Tiziano

Cattedrale di San Pietro (St. Peter Cathedral), solemn with its seven domes, is located in Piazza Duomo; you will be moved by the view of one of the best artworks by Tiziano (Titian): the altarpiece “L’Annunciazione” (“The Annunciation”), dating back to 1517.

Of great value there’s also the Palazzo Bomben (Bomben Palace), headquarters of the Benetton Foundation, a cultural institution of the important and well known industrial group, which hosts many artistic and cultural events.

Especially those who wear glasses can’t renounce to visit the Sala del Capitolo dei Domenicani (Hall of the Chapter of the Dominicans), which is located at the seminary next to the Chiesa gotica di San Nicolò (Gothic church of San Nicolò): the chapter fresco, painted by Tommaso da Modena, shows cardinal Ugo of Provence wearing glasses. This is the very first representation of glasses in the history!

Town wall

You shall not miss a visit to the walls of Treviso which were, in Roman and Medieval times, one of three city’s defense systems and still keep a great historical and artistic value, in addition to being a green oasis for both tourists and trevigiani (people from Treviso).

People in Treviso

And, speaking of trevigiani, a feature that tourists appreciate of these people is the typical personality of the inhabitants of Veneto: they are hard-working, loyal people with a high sense of duty, who are also able to surprise with their inventiveness and imagination.

visit Treviso Italy guide

Local Private Guide

To make your knowledge of Treviso deeper, why not being accompanied by a Local Guide trevigiana?

A resident who, with love for his territory and a melodious Veneto accent, will reveal you some curiosities (did you know, for example, that the fashion designer Pierre Cardin is an Italian, born in the province of Treviso?) and will bring you to the most beautiful places such as the Buranelli, that many consider the prettiest corner of the city. Take a stroll among the arcades, facades rich in frescoes, and streams that will remind you of Venice canals.

Speaking of canals, on a small island in the Botteniga one you might visit the ancient Pescheria (Fish Shop) where there are a characteristic market and many famous taverns: your guide will suggest you the best ones and make you taste something unusual – like La Sopa Coada, a pigeon dish – or more classic – such as a delightful risotto with red radicchio.

Beside your guide you will become experts of the city, and you will feel true gentlemen trevigiani!

Book now your own personal tour of Treviso with a Private Local Guide!

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