Visit Cortina Italy

visit Cortina Italy

5 good reasons to Visit Cortina Italy

Visit Cortina Italy if you want to have an amazing time in an exclusive Italian alpine resort! Cortina d’Ampezzo is a popular winter sport resort in Italy, situated in a beautiful valley in the Dolomites.

Want to taste true Italian lifestyle? Visit Cortina Italy and enjoy:

  1. jet set & aristocratic crowd
  2. Dolomites scenery
  3. alpine skiing, snowboard, adrenaline, winter & summer outdoor activities
  4. accomodation
  5. gastronomy.

Discover Cortina D’Ampezzo, Queen of the Dolomites


cortina dampezzo italyActivities

Cortina d’Ampezzo is the undisputed queen of the Dolomites.

Classy, charming and frequented by international celebrities, it is a popular destination for both winter and summer holidays.

The activities that could be practiced are so numerous and varied to always fill tourists’ days regardless of the weather!

What travelers do in every season is to crowd the famous Corso Italia for shopping.



Winter is obviously the time for winter sports to take over. Cortina boasts the presence of three ski areas:

  • Ski Area Faloria Cristallo Mietres,
  • Ski Area Tofana
  • and Ski Area Lagazuoi 5 Torri,

for a total of nearly 120 km of ski slopes!

In addition to skiing, you can live charged-up moments practicing other dynamic winter such as snowboarding, ice skating and hockey.


visit Cortina ItalySummer is the perfect moment for walking in the mountains, with trails for all levels of experience; in the Cortina area there are 400 km of marked paths, which allow you to admire the protected flora and wonderful wildlife of the place.

You will return home with fantastic photographs of foxes, bucks and roe deer!

Before embarking on a trail, of course, it is always safe to inform about possible difficulties and the necessary equipment.


Book your Tour to Cortina, Italy with a Private Local Guide!

visit Cortina ItalyAttractions

Among the attractions that everyone can easily visit stands the Museo all’Aperto delle 5 Torri (5 Towers Open Air Museum), of great historical and scenic interest. This path shows restored trenches from the Great War, presenting very realistic reproductions of the emplacements.

Only the fittest should face instead the path towards the beautiful Lago di Sorapiss (Sorapiss Lake) that enchants with its colors and its rocky contours: the small path to reach it presents indeed some difficulties and is not recommended for those who are afraid of heights!

Another memorable excursion, to be undertaken only with the necessary equipment, is towards the Cascate di Fanes (Fanes Waterfalls): no matter if you are adults or children, the succession of forests, canyons and waterfalls will delight you.

cortina dolomites italyFor the younger ones also the Via dei Dinosauri (Dinosaurs Path) will be an unforgettable experience, an area where impressive dinosaur footprints dating back millions of years were found.

The bikers will not renounce for anything in the world to ride towards Passo Giau (Giau Pass), by many considered the most fascinating pass in the Dolomites, because of its vastness and wide open view.

During the morning, in Cortina, guests can even take the “Passeggiata Montanelli” (“Montanelli Walk”) retracing the steps of the famous journalist Indro Montanelli, who used to start every morning from Col Druscié to wander the surrounding trails.

Moreover you should not miss a visit to the Museo d’Arte Moderna Mario Rimoldi (Mario Rimoldi Museum of Modern Art) that features more than 800 works by the greatest Italian painters from 19th century, like Carrà, Cascella, De Chirico, Guttuso and Morandi. This museum also hosts valuable temporary exhibitions.

cortina italy private local guideLocal Private Guide

In order to explore Cortina from top to bottom, in all its aspects from the most chic to the most genuine, you can rely on a Local Private Guide!

You will have access to an authentic, reliable and sincere person, as only people from the mountains can be: who could better tell you about the legends of the Dolomites, or exciting historical events from which the tastes of Cortina’s cuisine originated, halfway between Austrian and Italian traditions?

Of course you will then have to try those tastes, choosing among the famous canederli – appetizing breadcrumbs balls stuffed with speck, spinaches, bacon and cheese -, a delicious roast with mushrooms, meat pie or game stew, and conclude your meal with an apple pie, or a doughnut.

And, if in addition to being enthusiastic tourists you also are incurable sweet tooth, don’t miss out on a slice of Sacher cake!

Book your Tour to Cortina, Italy with a Private Local Guide!

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