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5 good reasons to Visit Alba Piemonte in Italy

visit alba piemonte italy langhe wineVisit Alba, the hearth of Langhe region, with its historical sights and delicious tastes!

Piedmont is renowned for wine. And in Alba, you can taste Piedmont’s most famous DOCG red wine: Barolo.

Want to dive into Italian history and taste? Visit Alba Piemonte, Italy and enjoy:

  1. historical buildings (Alba is known as “city of a hundred medieval towers“)
  2. best Italian wines (Langhe Region is Italy’s premier wine region with wines like Barolo, Barbera, Nebbiolo, Dolcetto….)
  3. white truffle
  4. chocolate (legendary “Gianduia” was invented here)
  5. gourmet cuisine.

Discover Alba: taste and history of the truest Piemonte

Town of the hundred towers

visit alba piemonte ItalyIn the historic area called Langhe, located between the Piedmont provinces of Cuneo and Asti, there is Alba, the beautiful town called “of the hundred towers” for its many towers indeed.

Alba could also be called genuine, original and delicious!

The city is the one that features:

  • an amazing Saturday market (where you should definitely stock up on vegetables),
  • truffles,
  • wine
  • but also a picturesque center with its Baroque and Renaissance buildings
  • and the red brick towers too: only twenty among the original hundred are still preserved nowadays.

Young spirit and rich past

Alba is a city with a young spirit and a rich past (dating as back as the Neolithic period), as revealed by the findings of archaeological evidences, many of which can be admired in the Museo Civico Archeologico e di Scienze Naturali (Archaeological and Natural Science Museum).

museo federico eusebio alba piemonteThe historic center of town has its nucleus in Piazza Risorgimento, headquarters of the city hall with its paintings of great value. In the same square – also called “Piazza del Duomo” indeed – we find the magnificent Duomo, from the late Gothic period, characterized by its high bell tower on the outside and the numerous and refined bas reliefs, paintings and statues on the inside.

Right in Piazza del Duomo there are also very well preserved towers – Sineo, Bonino and Astesiano – dating back to the 12th century.

The legacies of Middle Ages are clearly visible in Via Cavour, peculiar because of its tower-houses, located near the main street of Alba: Via Vittorio Emanuele which, not coincidentally, is also known as Via Maestra (Main Street).

Visitors could walk like real albesi (people from Alba) along this pedestrian street, without forgetting to look up in order to capture the different architectural styles, ranging from medieval to art nouveau, exposed.

An essential cultural stop is Casa Fenoglio (Fenoglio House), a building that was home of the partisan writer born in Alba; you might also admire the photographs of Aldo Agnelli and the “Pinot” Gallizio area dedicated to the namesake artist.

Our suggestion is to remain a moment longer in the room where Beppe Fenoglio wrote many of his works: it will certainly be a touching and inspirational moment.

Paradise of taste

Piazza Savona – nowadays named after the great industrial Michele Ferrero – is another focal point of the city: you will want to stay here for hours enjoying a coffee or a glass of wine in an outdoor bar.

You will find yourself in a paradise of taste, where everything is delicious.

visit alba piemonte Italy private local guide

Local Private Guide

How to find the best of the best among flavors, colors and scents of the welcoming Alba?

You can choose to visit the “queen of the Langhe” with a Local Private Guide, a passionate expert who will tell you every trait of the area and its people, leading you in a comprehensive tour that will thrill you.

Our local guide will describe the strong identity of the residents of Alba, emerged also in the course of recent history when the city actively fought against Fascism, and will make you fall in love with local wines such as Nebbiolo, Dolcetto, Barbera and sweet Moscato, even suggesting the best combinations with delicious dishes.

It’s no surprise, but many of these dishes are made from Tuber magnatum: the tartufo bianco (white truffle) – and, if you happen to be in Alba on October, you can also take part in the famous fair dedicated to this gastronomic jewel.

Trips generate appetite, and this happens especially in Alba!

It seems that certain gluttony shows up right when the famous confectionery industry Ferrero produces its delights, especially those made of chocolate.

Indulge in this desire (you’re on vacation after all!) and then resume the journey at a good pace with your guide, straight to other beautiful places such as  the Castelli di Grinzane (Grinzane Castles) and Serralunga, both of them close to Alba, very fascinating areas where guests may enjoy other fabulous tastings.

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