Guided Tours and places to visit in Italy

man tourist guided toursLooking for Guided Tours and the best places to visit?

Guided Tours and Places to visit in Italy

Whether you love healthy food, history or shopping, Italy is a great option.

You’ll also have the chance to meet friendly and outgoing people here!

Have a look at our reviews about some beautiful Italian Cities and read some good reasons to visit them.

Choose top quality Guided Tours in Italy. Visit amazing Italian locations with Private Local Guides!

Visit Milan

Visit Turin

Visit Bologna

Visit Cortina

Visit Verona

Visit Treviso

Visit Volterra

Visit Alba


Guided Tours: how to feel at home visiting Italy

guided toursItaly is a country rich in treasures!

From north to south, passing all the beautiful islands, it reveals a unique historical, cultural, artistic and gastronomic heritage.

Italy’s charm is acknowledged worldwide: places like the Colosseum, Milan’s Duomo, the Uffizi in Florence, the Arena di Verona, Venice and its gondolas, seaside and mountain resorts are just some of the incredible sights worth to admire.

As a matter of fact all regions have their special story to tell, and are ready to welcome visitors who choose them to spend their winter and summer holidays (never forget that Italy is charming in every season!).

A journey in the boot is like a dream come true for tourists from all around the world. Therefore don’t be surprised if, once returned home, you will immediately want to organize a new trip in Italy to taste once again its atmosphere and delicacies (ice cream, pizza… you name it!).

This beautiful country truly deserves to be traveled far and wide, but in front of so many possible choices it may not be simple to decide your travel plans.

The perfect trip schedule

How to arrange a perfect itinerary then?

Our advice is to rely on people who know Italy thoroughly: Italians!

By choosing a tour with a local private guide (100% Italian), you will find tourist guides with something special to offer.

In fact Italian guides know perfectly their territories and they will make you appreciate, with professionalism and friendliness, not only Italy’s renowned wonders but also the hidden ones!

Beside them you might, for example:

Taste the authentic, typical dishes avoiding “tourists restaurants”

Discover touristic itineraries and special attractions, which only real Italians know

Go shopping, buying from the right places with the best made-in-Italy products: from clothing to design objects.

Your journey will have an extra gear, so choose quickly your favorite tour: your local guide will make you feel at home!

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