Twilight: explore Volterra on the traces of it

Italian Twilight

What is the connection between Twilight and Italy?
Twilight Italy

Italian Twilight landscape by Giorgio Galeotti. © All rights reserved.

Volterra is a wonderful city, nestled in the Tuscan hills of Pisa province, which makes everyone fall in love at first sight. Why? For its pristine landscape, the charm of its Etruscan origins, the medieval traces that are found in its museums, the monuments and the ancient walls. But there’s more…

The American author Stephenie Meyer set parts of New Moon in Volterra

The Twilight Saga fans – and aspiring ones – have one more reason to explore Volterra.
Right here, in fact, the American author Stephenie Meyer set parts of New Moon. This is one of the famous fantasy novels in the Twilight saga transformed into films that have won youth and adults around the world.
The story goes that the vampire Edward Cullen, believing that his beloved Bella took her own life, no longer has a reason to exist. And decides to go to Italy to die as well, by the ancient Volturi clan, the royal family of vampires, guarantor of the laws of his species.

The plot is exciting, and Volterra will allow you to live it at 360 degrees, going in search of the places mentioned in the story:

  • the Piazza dei Priori where the vampire Edward decides to sacrifice himself,
  • or the dark street just next to the square, Vicolo Mazzoni, where the famous manhole used by vampires to reach the underground is supposed to be.

In 2007, the author of the novels, on the occasion of New Moon’s presentation in Volterra, asked to be photographed under the arch of the alley where the manhole is: you should not be outdone!

Twilight Tour: how to get the best out of your Volterra exploration

To get the best out of your Volterra exploration choose to be accompanied by – not a vampire, sorry – but an expert Local Private Guide. He / she will help you discover the thrilling places of the novel and all the city’s beauty.

Under the Bell Tower of Piazza dei Priori you could wait with your guide the chimes of midday. And then head to the small but disturbing Museo della Tortura (Museum of Torture), with its testimonies of machines and tools used in the medieval period to torture witches, rebels and heretics.
Of course, you cannot give up the walk of the vampires, especially in the evening, to look in the stones for the mysterious past of the powerful masters of Volterra.

To make your Twilight journey even more complete, you can then decide to also visit the sweet town of Montepulciano in Siena province, where scenes from the movie were shot, and that you can reach in less than two hours driving.

If you already know the world of Twilight, your visit to Volterra will be unforgettable. And if you do not know it, with the help of your Guide you will have the opportunity to become the biggest fans!

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