Private jets have become affordable

Private jets are notoriously an epitome of luxury…

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Flying on a private aircraft is probably a dream for many people. While owning an airplane is probably impossible for almost everyone, travelling by private jets may not be something only to dream about anymore!

During the last few years, the market has seen an explosion of companies offering private jet charter flights.

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Sharing-economy trend and empty leg flights

The big news is not only the existence of such a thing, but its affordability as well. The increased popularity of charter flights resulted in prices that keep lowering. Right now the cost for a private aircraft is comparable with first and business class prices on commercial airplanes.

How is this possible? Well, thanks to the sharing-economy trend that has taken over in the new millennium. Shared and empty leg flights are the reason why travelling this way has become suddenly affordable.

Empty legs: definition

What’s an empty leg flight? It’s a flight by a private aircraft, which has been booked one way only. Thus it has to make the return flight with no passengers. That said, these “empty legs” or “empty leg flights” can then be sold on to other travelers at a discount. Even though the departure times aren’t much flexible, you can get a luxury service while saving a lot!

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Why using private jets? Economical and hassle-free

Although flying in a private jet sounds luxurious – as it definitely is, compared to commercial flights – there are more advantages coming with it. Efficiency and convenience are the probably the best words to describe the pros. With charter flights, there is no need to fly in or out of busy airports: this means avoiding endless lines of both people and cars that are normal at big commercial airports.

There are significant advantages even if passengers have to fly from a commercial airport. Passengers can get to park their cars for free close to the airstrip. Furthermore, the passenger always travels with his own bags, not needing to worry of a luggage being stolen or lost. Finally, for those who tend to arrive always at the last moment… a private charter flight waits to take off until all the passengers have arrived.

private jets empty leg flights to Europe

Private jet charter flights to Europe

This service is becoming more and more popular even in the old continent. Europe is a popular destination for private jet charter travelers from around the world. European capitals, rich in culture and art, are both travel and business destinations. Planning a travel to Europe? Consider getting a free quote for private jet charter flights to Europe. To get the maximum flexibility both with schedules and itineraries, make sure to select a provider with a large network of empty legs and charter flights to Europe.

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