Juliet’s house in Verona: a very romantic destination

juliets house verona

verona juliets house

Juliet’s house: location

The love story of Romeo and Juliet, celebrated by William Shakespeare’s masterpiece, has always fascinated people around the world and makes the city of two doomed lovers an irresistible destination.

It’s true that a trip in the beautiful Verona could not be complete without a stop at Juliet’s house: a place where legend and reality blend, with such an indecipherable charm that excites those who decide to visit it.

The house is located in a picturesque medieval palace in via Cappello 23, near the Piazza delle Erbe (Herb’s Square).

Graffiti, locks and love notes

When you arrive at the yard, on you own or with your loved one, you will notice how the entrance Gothic-style porch is crowded and “decorated”: here graffiti, locks and love notes left by visitors celebrate the feeling of romantic love.

If you wish, and feel inspired enough, you can add your thoughts dedicated to a loved one!

Statue of Juliet

In the courtyard you can take a picture for your scrapbook, standing next to the bronze statue of Juliet (which moves for her adolescent appearance) just like in the story.

The palace

The palace – nowadays also used as a backdrop for the touring show “Romeo and Juliet”, organized by the Teatro Nuovo of Verona – is spread over several floors, which you can visit.

Your attention will be captured by the stone coats of arms that testify the presence of the Cappello family since the 13th century, from which the name Capulet (Juliet’s lineage) derives.


Inside the building you can enjoy a fascinating reconstruction of the historical period during which the story of Romeo and Juliet is set, with vintage paintings and furniture: you might even admire the original bed used by director Franco Zeffirelli in the lavish film version of Romeo and Juliet realized in 1968.

In different rooms of the building there are some passages that bring to mind the main stages of Shakespeare’s tragedy, and you will see how the old and the new come together in an unexpected harmony: inside the house it will also find multimedia points, with modern computer you can use to even write and send an email to Juliet!

Juliet’s balcony

The most amazing place of the palace is of course Juliet’s balcony, all in stone, where people compete to be photographed and protrude a bit, fantasizing about the tormented events of the Montague and Capulet families, and the secret meetings between the two lovers.

Local Private Guide

In order to discover absolutely everything about the history of the most famous love story in the world, you can rely on to a Local Private Guide, who will take you back in the Middle Ages with all his professionalism and knowledge of Verona: you will remain enchanted!

Along with your Guide you can visit, in addition to the famous house, many other beautiful places like the Museo degli affreschi (Frescos museum) G.B. Cavalcaselle which hosts paintings from historical buildings of Verona and Juliet’s tomb inside the cloister of San Francesco al Corso, which you could admire in silence, as the moment requires, thinking of the beauty of eternal love.

Book now your private Tour to Verona and Juliet’s house with a local guide.

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