A special New Year’s Eve in Cortina d’Ampezzo

cortina new years eve girl snow Travel Guest Post

cortina new years eve girl snow

dolomites cortina italyCortina: top destination for an unforgettable New Year’s

Among the ideal Italian destinations for an unforgettable New Year’s stands Cortina d’Ampezzo, the queen of the Dolomites!

Whether your dream is to ski, to go shopping or simply to relax while contemplating a mountain scenery that looks like taken directly from a postcard, it’s sure that this elegant small town will not disappoint you.

Everyone wants to visit Cortina, an enchanted place which not coincidentally was often set of famous movies, thanks to the beauty of its landscapes and the elegance still preserved.

new years


Visiting it in the period of New Year’s will make you appreciate Cortina even more; once there, you will immediately be captured by the pleasant Christmas atmosphere that pervades the town.

You will find Cortina adorned with rich decorations, lights, luxurious Christmas trees, and during your holiday you will have the opportunity to feel touched in several ways.

You can, for example, listen to the voices of the famous Coro Cortina (which has existed since 1965), meet celebrities during your walks, attend or participate directly in the famous New Year’s Eve torchlight procession with the Scuola Sci Azzurra.

By now closing your eyes you might already see the spectacular light trails that run through the slopes.

cheers champagneAttractions and entertainment

The atmosphere and the glittering white snow will amaze you, and perhaps you will really want to ski. You are in the right place, because the magnificent Dolomites that surround Cortina are perfectly equipped both for experienced skiers and newcomers; in its areas you will find slopes for every level.

You only need to be careful not to tire yourself on the slopes or in the 250-plus shops that await you for shopping, and store a bit of energies for New Year’s Eve.

In Cortina proposals to greet the past year and welcome the new one with full honors abound: you can choose between private parties (remember to arrange an invitation!), drinks followed by excellent dinners with delicious mountain specialties, dancing or overdo it and prefer the warm atmosphere of New Year’s Eve in a refuge!

Cortina offers a lot to its visitors; you will only need to choose what to do in the available time. In addition to skiing and shopping you could skate, try your hand with hockey, experience the thrill of a descent with sledges at night, or relax immersed in a beautiful hay bath.

Private Local Guides

In order to visit Cortina and live it to the fullest during New Year’s, let you be accompanied and inspired by one of our Private Local Guides.

Together with your guide, who knows everything about Cortina, you will certainly find the best New Year’s Eve party, the most fascinating event to follow, and the restaurant where to taste the most tender venison stew of all the districts!

Book your Tour to Cortina with a Private Local Guide right away!

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