Visit Bologna Italy

Visit Bologna Italy

5 good reasons to Visit Bologna Italy

Visit Bologna, one of most remarkable Italian cities for history and cuisine!

Admire Renaissance art in its churches and art of different ages in its Pinacoteca. Walk though its porticoes. Climb the Asinelli Tower and get an amazing view over the city. Here are 5 good reasons to visit Bologna:

  • pleasant young and cultural ferment, also thanks to University
  • historical buildings and towers
  • stunning churches
  • tasty and rich cuisine
  • picturesque surroundings, perfect for one day trips.

Visiting Bologna, the gem of Emilia Romagna

visit Bologna Italy

Bologna is a wonderful and special Italian city!

Because of its peculiarities, over time it has earned three nicknames: La Dotta (the Learned)La Grassa (The Fat) and La Rossa (The Red).

  1. La Dotta because here was born the oldest western University (back in 1088).
  2. La Grassa for its tasty and rich cuisine.
  3. La Rossa for the reflections of the bricks the palaces were built with during Middle Ages (and the color red evokes also the color of Ferrari, born right here in the land of motors that Emilia Romagna is).

The city of Bologna has been for generations bewitching tourists from around the world. And we might even say, without fear of haughtiness, that a trip to Italy without passing through Bologna (possibly exploring its picturesque surroundings as well) would not be complete.

Elected “Creative City of Music” by UNESCO in 2006, it stands out for its cultural and artistic traditions.

Historical Buildings

Certainly, walking around the city, your attention will be quickly struck by the typical arcades, long about 38 km, connecting roads, palaces and towers.

The relevant historical buildings are countless:

  • located in the famous Piazza Maggiore (or Piazza Grande) there is the Palazzo del Podestà, built in 1200, which was the first headquarters of the city hall;
  • the nearby Palazzo Re Enzo, which hosted for more than twenty years the “prisoner king” Enzo di Sardegna, son of Frederick II;
  • and the Palazzo Comunale, where the city hall now is.

fontana parco sculturaPinacoteca Nazionale

The Pinacoteca nazionale is also worth a thoughtful visit: here you can contemplate works of famous artists like Giotto and Raffaello.


The most important church in Bologna is the Basilica di San Petronio, in late Gothic style, with its majestic unfinished facade which is a precious peculiarity. This church knows how to get noticed since it is the fifth largest in the world.

Among other religious buildings in the city, the complesso delle Sette Chiese is pretty remarkable: a set of sacred buildings that also takes the name of Basilica di Santo Stefano, standing in the triangular Piazza di Santo Stefano.


You can’t renounce to see the panorama of Bologna in all its glory from above: climb on the famous Torre degli Asinelli, located at the entry point into the city of the ancient Via Emilia, just next to the Torre di Garisenda (which is leaning a lot! ).


Coming back down you will notice how arcades, streets and alleys are pervaded by a pleasant young and cultural ferment: it could not be otherwise, we are in the university city par excellence.

Cafes, restaurants and trattorias – real kingdoms of taste – are meeting places for students, tourists and residents of Bologna who, as it’s well known, are nice and friendly people.

Visit Bologna Italy Local Private GuideLocal Private Guide

Being accompanied in a tour by a local guide is an excellent way to enjoy the true hospitality of Bologna: with an Emilian spontaneity and generosity, your guide will reveal you all the secrets of this city, loved by artists and intellectuals from all over the world.

A guide could, for example: bring you to visit the Mercato Antico, recommend the best suited trattorias for your tastes, take a photo of you next to the statua di Nettuno (a short walk from Piazza Maggiore) and tell you about the superstition of the students who avoid to walk diagonally in Piazza Maggiore because it supposedly brings bad luck.

Maybe your guide will also lead you to discover the water side of Bologna. Not everyone knows, indeed, that back in the days the city was like a miniature Venice; even now, opening a small window in Via Piella, your gaze will enjoy the canale delle Moline, and you will be amazed by the beauty of this sight!

Book now your own personal tour of Bologna with a Private Local Guide!

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